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Established in 1992 with 24/7 Support
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Welcome to TicketPro systems!
Thank you for your interest in our wide range of Venue hardware and software packages. We supply the most comprehensive, cost effective Theater, Theme Park and other Venue Ticketing & Point of Sale System available.  Our systems are flexible and can be adjusted to fit your specific needs.

    We recognized the need for a supplier who:

    • Places a sense of urgency on customer support and service  
    • Understands the Industry needs as it changes and grows 
    • Is managed and owned by individuals who have 50 years Theater Industry experience.
    • Offers more features with less maintenance  than the competition and at a lower price.

We are a privately held company with in excess of  200 sites worldwide.  We support both the single and multi-site company. We supply our products to the following industries;

Movie Theaters
Water Parks
Theme Parks
Sport Stadiums

Should you or your colleagues have any questions about the information provided or wish further information, please do not hesitate to contact our office.
Client Testimonials

The IT department at TicketPro is very professional and efficient. They are always willing to walk me through any issues I may have.  Other POS system IT departments I have dealt with are impersonal and sometimes rude.

Lisa Moreno, General Manager
The Breeze Cinema

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